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Cognitive Personality Theory is a new system focusing on individual differences, positing type not as a set of letters to define who we are, but rather a series of limitations that can, with patience, be overcome.

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Text-based service for streamlined type estimation.
  • Short E-mail exchange
  • Type descriptions for each
  • Most likely type, and secondary alternative
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Time-efficient service with CPT-approved typologist Rob.
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  • 1 hour video call
  • Most likely type, and secondary alternative
  • In-call result
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Tier I

In-depth service to iron out uncertainties and explain type in detail.
  • E-mail exchange
  • 1 hour video call
  • Most likely type, and secondary alternative
  • PDF report
  • Extra 30 min call for Q&A
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Tier II

Full exploration of type dynamics exhibiting functions in depth.
  • E-mail exchange
  • 2x 1 hour video calls
  • Most likely type, and secondary alternative
  • PDF report
  • Extra 30 min call for Q&A
  • CPT Type Score

Type Coaching

Suited for those who know their CPT type code, I also offer individual coaching & consultations.

This is for those interested in applying type to get further on their journey.

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Worth it

Rated 5 out of 5
29th August 2022

Very satisfied with my CPT typing experience. I had long been between types, and after much deliberating, finally booked the Tier II service. Worth every penny.

I found Harry easy to talk to despite my usual hesitance about calls. He was polite and professional, never hurried, and knew how to lead the conversation. I was surprised by how much ground was covered over just one call, let alone two, and impressed by how accurate Harry’s report was given that short amount of time. He is truly knowledgeable, and at every step of the process I felt I was in capable hands.

I also appreciate the fluidity of the Cognitive Personality Theory model—I think it accounts for a lot of the variance you see even between people of the same type, while remaining true to their cognition. As most others have said, it dispels stereotypes common to the traditional system…but what I most like is that it encourages typing by functions as pairs rather than looking at them in isolation.

I highly recommend Harry’s typing service and would suggest it to anyone seeking clarity, especially if the confusion stems from feeling between types. Most people realistically won’t fit into any one box, and this is where I think CPT really excels—its holistic approach explains common differences while leaving room for individual variation and further growth. The alternative type I was suggested was something I’d never considered, and superficially seemed very different from the first-choice type, but after reading further I realized how similar they really were. Lastly, Harry’s questions are so specific that one would struggle to answer according to a certain type—a huge boon in alleviating my doubts about subconscious bias.

In all, my experience with this service was very positive; I’m glad I finally decided to seek an expert opinion. Harry is eminently skilled in picking out underlying cognition while accounting for growth and change over time. Definitely worth the money, and I would readily recommend this service to anyone on the fence.


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thank you so much for this review, Dami, it is truly appreciated. It was a pleasure to get to know you and I’m so glad the CPT approach gave you the clarification you were looking for.

As you say, the system is all about growth and fluid variation between individuals, so it means a lot to read your testimonial!

Thanks Harry , it was nice to have your trustworthy assessment.

Rated 5 out of 5
9th August 2022

It has been for a while and I’m writing this. And after knowing the result which was a little bit unexpected and different from what I was believing who I was within the theory, I don’t mean I always rely on judging myself via typology, though, now I feel like I have been knowing how to use what I am good at healthily, which is why I originally intended to have the service.

Best of all, I could see the effort he made for understanding my self-observation even though it’s written in English as my second language.

And It was the upstanding service which was with an objective and appropriate sense based on his profound theory that purely transferred from my self-observation.

(So I consider people have to watch it out as his application form says.)


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thank you Yuko, I truly appreciate the kind words!

The Best Type Service Out There

Rated 5 out of 5
9th July 2022

To be honest, most type services out there, are for your money. CPT, is not like that at all, they give you accurate information, they respond to questions objectively, and they give you a type which is just combines with mbti as a whole! Overall 10/10 would give more stars.

Dony Cave

Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thank you so much Dony! Both myself and Rob really appreciate the kind words.

Amazing Service!

Rated 5 out of 5
27th June 2022

I would absolutely recommend this service for anyone looking to know their cognitive type! Harry is more than competent, prompt, kind, and super easy to work with/talk to overall. Something else that’s super appealing is that his written reports (if one goes for that tier) are extremely comprehensive and detailed; it really gives you a look into your own cognition, your own proclivities, things you may not even notice about yourself, etc. This really is an excellent typing service for anyone looking for a self-improvement mechanism. Honestly, the whole experience was just a pleasure, and I’d highly recommend it!


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thank you my friend, it was a pleasure!

Thorough typing and great feedback

Rated 5 out of 5
30th January 2022

I wasn’t impressed with other typing services, as most of them tend to focus on the very simplistic interpretations and even more simplistic questions, which can be answered in a variety of ways depending on ones mood. Harry asked insightful and thought provoking questions which in addition to type gave me an insight into myself, and a different perspective on some of the issues. We found ourselves agreeing on the cognitive axis and Harry was kind enough to take my perspective on the type into consideration, and gave a thorough explanation on his perspective, as well. I would recommend Harry to anyone who is struggling to find their type amidst the sea of different systems, as I think that the explanations are more than adequate and take into consideration the basis of the Jungian theory.


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

I truly appreciate this feedback my friend! It was my pleasure to provide additional clarity and insight into your cognitive processes 🙂

Excellent Typing Service

Rated 5 out of 5
1st December 2021

The tier 2 service was what I purchased. Harry was very kind and pleasant and answered any questions I had. He provides a thorough explanation of what type you could be. I found myself discovering more about myself throughout the sessions. He helps debunk a lot of misconceptions in the type community and provides a document that succinctly showcases the subtleties that you specifically can have for that type. I highly recommend this service.


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Hey Tharu, it really means a lot to hear this from you! It was great meeting you and I’m so glad the service was valuable 🙂

Extremely High Quality Service

Rated 5 out of 5
12th September 2021

I booked Harry’s Type Service Tier II because I was questioning the type I had gotten from an online test. I had been researching MBTI and cognitive functions, but found a lot of the current theories out there to be quite rigid and lacking in nuance, e.g. when they say if you have one function you by definition can’t have another.

Discovering CPT was like a breath of fresh air. Finally, an explanation for cognitive functions that made sense and allowed for the possibility of people to use their type as a springboard for growth rather than a box they could never leave.

I’ve greatly benefited from watching the videos online and also from reading the e-book, which provides an excellent explanation of the theory.

Meeting with Harry in the online interviews was a very pleasant experience. He is professional, friendly and a great listener, making you feel comfortable from the start. I actually really enjoyed answering the questions he posed about my personality and how I experience life – this alone helped me learn new things about myself that I hadn’t considered before.

I was very satisfied with the final report: it was very detailed and showed a good deal of insight. The type Harry suggested for me feels much more correct.

All in all, this was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend this service!


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thank you so much Gemma, it was lovely to meet you!

Thorough Typing

Rated 5 out of 5
27th May 2021

I purchased Harry’s “Type Service Basic.”

Harry provided a very thorough assessment, with plenty of explanations on what he observed and how he believed those correlated to a given function. I could see the amount of effort and time he put in to the assessment and to clarify follow up questions.

I would highly recommend Harry as a knowledgeable and thorough typist.


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thank you so much Bernadette!

My impressions on T1 typing service

Rated 5 out of 5
8th April 2021

Having this Tier 1 typing experience with Harry was great

1) he’s a very nice human being. Patient, kind, open, adaptative, apparently honest and pationate

2) I like how CPT theory seems aiming to self development and understanding the roots of your CFs instead of the entreprenarial effeciency that MBTI gravitates upon most of times.

It’s out of stereotype, breaks with misconceptions. Being, to me, more accurate, this method consequently fills less boxes with short, easy answers but offers more in depth reflexions. Greater value for me but comes with work. There’s a whole bunch of complementary explanations trough the youtube content.

3) Being typed in France (i’m French) cost around 300 euros (330$) and it only grants you 2h videocall with someone that can easily be less accurate and “in deep” oriented that Harry is for 90euros. He gave me some extra time and offered me the possibility of email exchange (that are coming ! Harry if you reading this… (; )

So, in the end, the experience was nice, serious, very interesting and not expensive.

Thank you Harry !

Vincent Mielcarek

Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thank you Vincent, it was a pleasure!!

Other 5* reviews have said it all already! 😀

Rated 5 out of 5
10th February 2021

It was genuinely nice meeting Harry – he was extremely friendly, patient and non-judgemental. It was certainly a pleasant experience. As for the service itself, I received my two hour call in two parts, and at the end of each, Harry gave me to type he was leaning towards and why. He was happy to paraphrase when I couldn’t understand what was being said and REALLY listened to everything I said. After Harry had taken some time to analse the recordings, I recieved a comprehensive email with examples or things I have said and done that would relate to which function and time references to the recordings so I could look at them again – I requested copies of the recordings too and Harry was very accommodating. And now that the service is complete, I have still been bombarding the poor man with emails, and he still seems happy to answer all of my questions. What a guy! I am very happy with the service and truly believe that it was worth the money and deserves nothing short of a 5* review.

Disclaimer – if you are new to the theory, go to Harry’s YouTube channel first and learn about it there, or read the book. Buying this service without any prior knowledge is not recommended, so do some research first and then buy the service.