Cognitive Personality Theory is a new system focusing on individual differences, positing type not as a set of letters to define who we are, but rather a series of limitations that can, with patience, be overcome.

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Was everything I expected. And that is good!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
25th November 2023

Alright, I went into this terribly afraid because English isn’t my native language. But I ended up doing pretty well. So if you’re considering getting the Express Service but English is also not your first language, don’t be afraid. You can do it.

Anyway, I went into this pretty much knowing I was an INTP but I never would have figured out that I’m a divergent INTP and it makes so much sense honestly.

As well my dip into ENTJ was also quite revealing. This whole experience was worth the money and time for sure.

Rob was also very nice and he definitely knows his stuff. It was actually quite fun talking to him and then having him at the end draw a picture with what you said and explained. It’s definitely encouraging to look at the system Harry has created. MBTI can do wonders for self development and with CPT it’s even more tangibly helpful. Alright I’m done. Thank you Harry and Rob. Keep up the good work! 🙂


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

It was fun chatting with you Stephanie! Much appreciate the feedback! – Rob

Type Clarity!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
31st October 2023

Worked with Rob and we had a really fun chat! Would recommend this service for anyone looking to get typed! talked about my past and how it relates to the cognitive functions, along with hobbies, future desires, and how I take in/generate ideas to execute on. Notes are taken and everything you say will more than likely be used to determine your proper function stack. I was always confused on whether I was ISTP, INTJ, or INFJ but I’m now 100% certain of being an INTJ! Thanks for the help! ^^


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thanks for the kind review Fodiye! It was a joy getting to know you. Best of luck on all of your endeavors!


Rated 5.0 out of 5
16th September 2023

I took already around 13 years in this mbti typology therory, but there were many things I could not make sense of. Here is the framework we all needed and I seriously hope that keeps expanding among all of us that think of typology as something that could help us find answers for our cognition.

Harry’s understanding of typology has been life-changing for me, since I could have neved find my type with those description out there in the internet. Here with Rob I have had a very interesting call in which he has been able to gather aspects that I did not think were telling of my type, and summarize them in a way that describe with an unseen level of precision what is happening in my cognition.

Unfortunately after all, I could not check many sources I did not consulted already, such as Harry’s book and the videos related, since I had already watch them all! Hope they keep bringing more content not only for the “main types” (INxx and ENxx types). They have done and incredible job at NOT describing the rest of the non- N types as something like NPC on the background that basically are very good people a like to do practical things for others.

Please keep it up and thank you very much for your work. Both Harry and Rob!


Easily the most helpful typology purchase I've made

Rated 5.0 out of 5
6th August 2023

Easily the most helpful typology purchase I’ve made. Comprehensive, great analysis, and excellent support. If you’re interested in rigorous clarity about yourself, you should not sit on this one.


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thank you so much, Chris! Really glad to hear this : )

– Harry

Great service

Rated 5.0 out of 5
2nd August 2023

Thank you Harry for providing a great experience! It’s easy to tell you really care about helping your clients, and you definitely helped me. I think CPT is a very well thought out system, and something you should be really proud of!

To anyone considering buying the service: Harry was very professional and made the whole process comfortable and easy to get through. I would definitely recommend!


Very helpful service

Rated 5.0 out of 5
19th July 2023

Discovered this channel in the end of 2020. CPT helped me a lot with understanding the types, so I stick to this one. Recently I had a typing session with Harry and it meant a lot! Turns out I have indeed an Fi-blindspot just as I thought, which was the cause of constantly mistyping myself through the years despite knowing how the types function. Harry is very insightful and I would definitely recommend CPT to others!


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thanks so much Nabil, it means a lot!

Excellent service.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
27th May 2023

CPT serves as a high quality, in-depth look at personality typology with far more flexibility than most systems have. I purchased the Tier II service and it was definitely very valuable for me. Speaking with Harry was very nice and he was very professional and accommodating throughout the process. His results covered a great deal and I was very happy with them! Would recommend for anybody considering trying it out.

Liam Baker

Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thanks Liam, was a pleasure!

Excellent theory and service

Rated 5.0 out of 5
7th May 2023

After learning about this system, I’ve found that its structure is highly adaptable. The terms are simple yet broad. The service is surprisingly good and insightful. Although it’s not as economical as one would expect, I totally see why such price was set. Overall, this is top-level typology


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Great chatting with you, Santiago! Your comment is much appreciated. Best of luck on your journey! – Rob


Rated 5.0 out of 5
4th May 2023

I booked the Tier II Typing Service with Harry. Throughout the service, Harry was nothing but professional, open-minded, observant and extremely considerate of your individual beliefs and values. It was like talking to a close friend…. He was able to draw out some of the deepest memories that I forgot I had, and discovered who I truly was.

He worked his magic, and now I’m a happy ENFP. His judgement was so accurate, so profound that once you receive your result, you are certain that you are this type and cannot be any other type. His judgement accounts for the nuances & individuality each person exhibits within the type itself. I felt like I was forever misunderstood in the MBTI community, but thanks to Harry, I now know that I’m just an ENFP with a highly developed Te 🙂

It was an amazing experience. Maybe the Consultation Services next? Highly likely 😉

Christopher Nguyen

Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thank you so much for this review, Christopher! I look forward to talking to you further 🙂

Open-minded, Inclusive, and Balanced

Rated 5.0 out of 5
3rd May 2023

Thank you for the wonderful experience, Harry…your insight into personality theory is invaluable.

Tammi G.

Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thanks so much Tammi, the pleasure was all mine 🙂