Cognitive Personality Theory is a new system focusing on individual differences, positing type not as a set of letters to define who we are, but rather a series of limitations that can, with patience, be overcome.

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Wow! Eye Opening!

30th March 2024

First let me say that if you are looking to find you cognitive type code, then please use Harry’s Typing Services. You will not be disappointed, you will be pleased and happy with the learning experience you will have.

I have been studying MBTI for two years. I have read books, lots of Kindle, watched videos, researched the internet and taken a subscription. I would study for hours at a time, weekends were great for lengthy, uninterrupted study time. I have liked some people’s take and discarded others. I took umpteen tests and always came up NFP/NTP and so that is what I researched. Something wasn’t right and I could not commit 100%.

Then I found Cognitive Personality Theory and Harry’s videos. They are different, so much more intense and far reaching than MBTI alone, a whole new system of approach. I started to connect and accurately picked my cognitive functions, but as I was to find out, in the wrong order. I decided to take the plunge. Harry has such a calm, warm, inviting and intensely knowledgeable demeanor that I felt I could trust him.

I started with the basic and wrote detailed information via email. Harry really worked with me and answered all of my questions, but was on the fence about my type as I showed two strongly. I decided to go with Tier One so we could speak one on one. What a game changer and so well worth it. After watching me and hearing me talk about my life, actions and reactions, Harry knew I was a divergent ESTJ. What? I am an NFP/NTP! But here is the thing, my secondary type is the exact mirror image, divergent INFP, all the same cognitive functions just in reserve order.

At first, I was incredulous, an STJ, but the more I studied, the more I started to see it, the more I was able to connect, the more questions I had from two years of study being answered. After our question and answer call, it was easy to see that I was the divergent Si dominant ESTJ, the person who loves storytelling, history, tradition, legacy and the studying that draws in all kinds of knowledge, the walking encyclopedia. I now feel 100%. I feel good about who I am!

Thank you Harry, thank you for connecting with me and listening to all of my stories. I have already jumped into my Discovery ESTJ Adventure! I know it’s going to be exciting and fun!

Lee Ann Arnts

Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Hi Lee Ann, it was a real pleasure getting to know you and hearing your stories – thanks so much for the kind words and all the best for your continued discovery!

– Harry

Superlative quality and in-depth analysis

18th March 2024

Based upon MBTI ubiquitous behavioural stereotypes and the lack of clarity surrounding cognitive functions, I’d always struggled to settle on my type. Harry eventually typed me as a divergent ENFJ (TiNi subtype) with a heavy ISFJ (SiTi) auxiliary network. Rest assured with my auxiliary network and as Harry put it ‘leaving no stone unturned,’ I’m not an easy customer to convince or impress, but the clarity of Harry’s insights and level of expertise was astounding.

Initially, I was dubious about being an Fe dominant until Harry explained that my FeTi axis was 50/50 and therefore extremely fluid, such that I can oscillate on my axis to present like a Ti dom which cleared up so much confusion for me. Harry also was careful to do away with the whole notions of Fe doms as these kind of cute teddy bears but rather Fe imbues all the other functions with a prosocial utility which I can definitely relate to.

Naturally, ASC is difficult to detect in Fe doms and I didn’t share this with Harry although this was something that he politely and delicately touched upon; again having not shared this information I was extremely impressed such is the INFJ’s perceptiveness. I’ve since went on to have coaching sessions which are changing my life for the better having been stuck in a divergent subtype for around ten years. I’ve also befriended Rob on Twitter who’s always been so insightful when I’ve asked him questions and extremely gracious (I can be very intense with my FeSe so thanks Rob for putting up with me!).

ENFJs are known in CPT for vetting abstract holistic concepts, as empiricists and therefore having very high standards as to what they’ll accept as evidence and ‘truth’ and on this note, I have to say you won’t be disappointed if I’m anything to go by! Thanks so much to the dynamic duo, Harry and Rob, for all your knowledge & wisdom.

I’ve been subjected to dubious typing services before and CPT is by far the best, in my opinion (in a class of its own) when it comes to typology and truly helping people to overcome their blindspots and develop a more fluid cognition. Keep up the great work guys and to those considering being typed, you won’t regret it…just please keep an open mind as to what type you might be!

Remember Rob & Harry are equally as interested in HOW you answer the questions…trying to fudge your own life story etc in order to get a specific type code is simply a waste of your money and not helping you in utilizing CPT for your own development. On that note, thanks again and I’m sure you’ll keep up the fantastic work guys. Also thanks Rob for your blog pertaining to the ENFJ, it was very much appreciated from a type that is often greatly misunderstood indeed I do often say no more times than I say yes, lol.


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Hi Emma – what a wonderful account of your journey! It is very gratifying to both Rob and myself to know CPT and the work undertaken on its behalf has had such an awesome and profound impact 🙂

– Harry

Highly recommend!

17th March 2024

Rob was at all times unbiased and truly interested in helping out! Excellent service!


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

I really enjoyed our chat Pedro! Thanks for the review!

I enjoy reading more and understanding about cognitive personality

12th March 2024

It is the most unbiased model focusing on cognitive types. I enjoy it.


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

I appreciate the kind words!


Was everything I expected. And that is good!

25th November 2023

Alright, I went into this terribly afraid because English isn’t my native language. But I ended up doing pretty well. So if you’re considering getting the Express Service but English is also not your first language, don’t be afraid. You can do it.

Anyway, I went into this pretty much knowing I was an INTP but I never would have figured out that I’m a divergent INTP and it makes so much sense honestly.

As well my dip into ENTJ was also quite revealing. This whole experience was worth the money and time for sure.

Rob was also very nice and he definitely knows his stuff. It was actually quite fun talking to him and then having him at the end draw a picture with what you said and explained. It’s definitely encouraging to look at the system Harry has created. MBTI can do wonders for self development and with CPT it’s even more tangibly helpful. Alright I’m done. Thank you Harry and Rob. Keep up the good work! 🙂


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

It was fun chatting with you Stephanie! Much appreciate the feedback! – Rob

Type Clarity!

31st October 2023

Worked with Rob and we had a really fun chat! Would recommend this service for anyone looking to get typed! talked about my past and how it relates to the cognitive functions, along with hobbies, future desires, and how I take in/generate ideas to execute on. Notes are taken and everything you say will more than likely be used to determine your proper function stack. I was always confused on whether I was ISTP, INTJ, or INFJ but I’m now 100% certain of being an INTJ! Thanks for the help! ^^


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thanks for the kind review Fodiye! It was a joy getting to know you. Best of luck on all of your endeavors!


16th September 2023

I took already around 13 years in this mbti typology therory, but there were many things I could not make sense of. Here is the framework we all needed and I seriously hope that keeps expanding among all of us that think of typology as something that could help us find answers for our cognition.

Harry’s understanding of typology has been life-changing for me, since I could have neved find my type with those description out there in the internet. Here with Rob I have had a very interesting call in which he has been able to gather aspects that I did not think were telling of my type, and summarize them in a way that describe with an unseen level of precision what is happening in my cognition.

Unfortunately after all, I could not check many sources I did not consulted already, such as Harry’s book and the videos related, since I had already watch them all! Hope they keep bringing more content not only for the “main types” (INxx and ENxx types). They have done and incredible job at NOT describing the rest of the non- N types as something like NPC on the background that basically are very good people a like to do practical things for others.

Please keep it up and thank you very much for your work. Both Harry and Rob!


Easily the most helpful typology purchase I've made

6th August 2023

Easily the most helpful typology purchase I’ve made. Comprehensive, great analysis, and excellent support. If you’re interested in rigorous clarity about yourself, you should not sit on this one.


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thank you so much, Chris! Really glad to hear this : )

– Harry

Great service

2nd August 2023

Thank you Harry for providing a great experience! It’s easy to tell you really care about helping your clients, and you definitely helped me. I think CPT is a very well thought out system, and something you should be really proud of!

To anyone considering buying the service: Harry was very professional and made the whole process comfortable and easy to get through. I would definitely recommend!


Very helpful service

19th July 2023

Discovered this channel in the end of 2020. CPT helped me a lot with understanding the types, so I stick to this one. Recently I had a typing session with Harry and it meant a lot! Turns out I have indeed an Fi-blindspot just as I thought, which was the cause of constantly mistyping myself through the years despite knowing how the types function. Harry is very insightful and I would definitely recommend CPT to others!


Response from Cognitive Personality Theory

Thanks so much Nabil, it means a lot!