INFP vs ISFP – Knowing the Difference

By Harry Murrell

The INFP and ISFP personality types could be regarded as similar due to sharing the same dominant function, Introverted Feeling. For this reason, there will often be some confusion as to whether a person is one or the other – afterall, each are Intuitive and Sensing types in their own right, but what differs is the codec to which these lenses are attached.

In this video I employ CPT methodology to help tell these types apart, and attempt to elucidate the significant differences between their styles of thought. Some people will always be more ‘neutral’ than others and accordingly feel affinity with both type descriptions – nonetheless, they will still lean more towards one than the other, through this presentation of the two extremes I hope people can find the type they belong within.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and what methods you personally use when telling the difference!

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