Intraindividual Differences – SEMA3 Study – Cheat Sheet

  • Between the times of 12:00-13:00, and 17:00-18:00 (for example, you might have a survey at 12:13, whereas another may have a survey at 12:58), you will receive the daily state and situation surveys.
  • Each survey you receive will expire after 90 minutes, with the exception of the personality tests, which expire after several hours instead.
  • You will receive a minimum of four surveys per day – two state/situation surveys between 12:00-13:00, and two state/situation surveys between 17:00-18:00. This will be a pair of one single state survey and one single situation survey at any given time.
  • On Mondays, there will be an additional personality test, resulting in a total of five surveys.
  • The first two days of the study involve an additional introduction form – participants were therefore expected to receive a total of six surveys on the Monday 29th and five on Tuesday 30th.
  • On the top of the app you will find access to demo surveys – this is a feature of the SEMA3 app that allows participants to test surveys on their end ahead of time. The feature cannot be removed on my end, but unless you are super curious about upcoming surveys I would recommend not completing demo surveys for later personality tests.
  • When it doubt, complete the survey that pops up – the researcher will be analysing the data at the end, and removing any duplicates, so don’t worry about answering too many surveys.
  • Surveys have been so far reported to be easy to complete, requiring minimal time investment.

Known Issues

  • From the 27th-29th of May there was an ongoing issue of some participants not receiving email invitiations – the majority of participants are now loaded in. From the 30th May there will be no more participants loaded into the study.
  • From the 27th-28th of May many participants with Android phones reported issues downloading the SEMA3 app – this has been resolved for the majority of participants, and those for whom the issue was not resolved will still be prioritised for future research.
  • On May 29th it was necessary to fix the timing of surveys – this caused some participants to receive more surveys, with both the old timings and new timings resulting in prompts.
  • There have been reports of surveys disapearing following putting the phone down (after opening the survey) – it is recommended to complete the survey as soon as it is opened to avoid this happening.
  • The wide diversity of time zones may have caused issues on the software side – some participants may receive survey prompts between at 11:00, for example. There is currently no known fix for this issue, but participants for whom this issue persists are advised to contact
  • Pressing the ‘back’ button during a survey may cause the survey to disappear altogether.
  • Not everyone has received the introduction form – the form was expected to be posted from 11am today, and not to expire for several hours. Given the issue, I will create a form over google instead and send it over here early next week. The consent question within the form is more of a formality as participants have already been sent the consent form (which does not require signing).
  • There has been an ongoing issue with duplicate surveys (8 state/situation surveys received rather than the expected 4) – this seems to be a software issue. My advice would be to ensure you fill in only a single pair of state/situation surveys at a time. However, if you see fit to complete duplicate surveys, it would not compromise the study. I can remove duplicates during data analysis.
  • Don’t worry too much about the completion rate % on the app at this stage!