Typing Services

How it works

Finding your cognitive type can be an incredibly difficult process, with much of the various videos and blog-posts on the internet doing little more than sew even more confusion into an already complicated topic.

The CPT Type Service prioritises self-discovery over simply being handed a type code – for this reason, a back-and-forth dialogue is essential for effective results. No one person is exactly the same type as another, and as such the emphasis is understanding your own individual cognition, rather than just one of sixteen variants.

The video calls offered are not only an important means of confirming type and selecting from the options previously elucidated, but also to answer any questions that may arise in understanding the results. For the Type Service Express, Rob will assess from the one hour session and go over the type code result at the end of the call. For Tier I & II, I take additional time after the call to formulate a conclusion and provide a written analysis. An additional 30 minute debrief call is also offered at the end – the prices for these services reflect the extra time investment outside of calls.

All services supply an additional 1-2 types in order of likelihood, should there be any doubt as to the primary results. All services except for Type Service Express are with Harry.



Text-based service for streamlined type estimation

Short E-mail exchange

Type descriptions for each

Most likely type, and secondary alternative



Time-efficient service with CPT-approved typologist Rob

E-mail exchange

1 hour video call

Most likely type, and secondary alternative

Extra 30 min call for Q&A

Tier I


In-depth service to iron out uncertainties and explain type

E-mail exchange

1 hour video call

Most likely type, and secondary alternative

PDF report

Extra 30 min call for Q&A

Tier II


Full exploration of type dynamics exhibiting functions

E-mail exchange

90 minute video call

Most likely type, and secondary alternative

PDF report

Extra 30 min call for Q&A

CPT Type Score

Coaching & Consultations

Type Coaching

Often well suited to those who have already been through a CPT Type Service, a coaching service is all about applying type towards individuation and life enhancement. Every individual is unique and will have their own unique goals and priorities – the coaching service caters to this very individuality, employing a cognitive function model to illuminate areas of resistance as well as map out a plan through which such resistance may be overcome.

The focus of CPT Type Coaching is as much internal as it is external, and as such places an equal weight on both perspective and action. While this ratio will vary according to the needs of the individual, cognitive functions are presented as more than just perceptual aids, but as schemas upon which meaningful action can ensue.

Type coaching is offered in 2 and 3-hour packages; Tier I is divided into two weekly video calls, and Tier II into three weekly video calls. Individuals with a single area they wish to develop may be better suited to the first option, whereas those with either multiple such areas or an interest in holistic type development should consider Tier II. We can have open email exchanges during the process for further questions.

Either package may also be used for consultation purposes and is not strictly limited to the CPT Type Development program. On-going coaching and type development can be found on Patreon.


Consultations are hour-long video calls in which we freely discuss personality typing and cognition – I will be free to answer any questions, and if preferred the conversation can be moved to an entirely auditory or text-based medium.

Consultations cannot give you your cognitive type, but can be used to discuss matters around the subject as well as the theory as a whole. As such, individuals who already know their type will benefit from consultations the most.



One hour-long video call in which we freely discuss details of personality typing and cognition

1 hour video call

Open window for email correspondence

Coaching Tier I


Two-call process well suited to those wanting to work on a specific portion of their cognition

2x 1 hour video call

Open window for email correspondence

Coaching Tier II


Three-call process well suited for individuation, holistic self-development and larger projects

3x 1 hour video calls

Open window for email correspondence

PDF report detailing areas of cognitive resistance and measures that can be implemented to overcome them


CPT methodology is employed for the effective understanding of type cognitive dynamics – the more you know yourself, the more effective CPT becomes.

The typing of other people within a short space of time blurs the line between cognitive and behavioural psychology and will seldom be 100% reliable, but narrowing the options down is relatively straightforward and in many cases a type-code will be given with certainty.

Transparency is also highly encouraged – if your thought patterns indicate one type, and your words another, CPT will place greater value on the underlying cognition. It is my obligation to indicate the type I believe you to be, and help you come to your own understanding of this.

Terms & Conditions

  • All private and confidential information, including your name and contact details, will not be shared with other companies.
  • All results are stored within an existing database of case studies for research purposes – aside from customer records, full names and other personal information are removed to protect individual privacy.
  • CPT methodology is an extremely effective means of determining type, but like any other system cannot ever supply absolute certainty in this regard.
  • CPT is not a substitute for professional psychiatric, or other government-licensed mental health services – any mental health conditions, including clinical depression and personality disorders, should be treated by a specialist.
  • The focus of the Type Service is to elucidate a person’s innate predispositions – as such, while the focus is centered around the individual in their current state of development, questions may be asked pertaining to childhood, life journey & direction. Answering such questions is not compulsary, however, and personal information provided by the client is treated as confidential