Type Service Basic

Welcome to the form-based CPT Type Service! Please take your time answering the questions below.

Before completing this portion of the service, be sure to purchase the service from the store.

Once your answers are submitted, you can expect a conclusion via email within 2 weeks. If you do not receive a confirmation of your order within two days of placing it, please send a message via the website. The system will soon be updated to improve the efficiency of order tracking!

It is recommended to complete the form in segments rather than all at once; you cannot save your progress in the form, so using a word processor and copying your answers into the form when you are ready to submit your responses is advisable.

Please note this form is for Type Service Basic clients only!

Please keep in mind your words are taken at face value and assumed to be an accurate reflection of your cognitive processes. I would urge particular care when answering questions pertaining to introversion and extraversion, as extraverted cognitions may sometimes consider themselves more introverted than they actually are. Furthermore, these questions do rely on a level of self-understanding for accurate reporting, so do not hesitate to get a second opinion from someone close to you if you feel uncertain in your ability to answer the question accurately.

Finally, please answer as thoroughly as you can; answers comprising a single sentence tend to be less valuable to the typing process than longer ones.