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The Mastermind & the Architect

Honestly I don’t see that awkward anti-social stereotype that looms over being an INTP. Type descriptions have painted you as these emotionless sentient robots, totally missing the mark that you are also socially very intelligent.

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The Mastermind & the Field Marshal

ENTJs thoroughly evaluate if their goals would truly make them happy before they set out to achieve them. You’re the living embodiment of “Be careful what you wish for.” You think through — not only...

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The Mastermind & the Healer

They call you the Dreamer. Yet INFPs are the realest people I’ve had the privilege to know. I mean that quite literally. Out of all the types, you most conscientiously stare in the face of...

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The Mastermind & the Inspector

From my experience, the ones most creative at flipping the middle finger at the authority have been ISTJs. It’s done with such conviction that can only be manifested from deep inside your being. When you...

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The Mastermind & the Performer

It’s funny really, ESFPs are described as one-dimensional characters when in reality you are a very complete human being who’s continuously adding tangible dimensions to yourself.

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The Mastermind & the Promoter

It’s not uncommon for ESTPs to have many advanced degrees, speak multiple languages fluently, and excel at just about any hobbies they’re passionate about. So instead of being the dumb jock the MBTI community has...

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The Mastermind & the Protector

Truth in itself doesn’t hurt anyone. What matters is how it’s interpreted. It’s how it reflects on the human beings involved. And I believe out of all the types, ISFJs are the best at delivering...

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The Mastermind & the Teacher

Out of all the types, ENFJs most vehemently press everyone to be as honest and authentic as they can be. There’s nothing more interesting than having real talk with real people. To say it’s about...

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CPT addendums

This section provides my non-canonical approach to CPT ideas.

Grow out of your MBTI type

Everyone has their own take on it. And most of the time, the 16 archetypes appear as underdeveloped characters belonging in a poorly written love fan fiction.

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