Coaching & Consultations

Cognitive Coaching

Often well suited to those who have already been through a CPT Type Service, a coaching service is all about applying type towards individuation and life enhancement. Every individual is unique and will have their own unique goals and priorities – the coaching service caters to this very individuality, employing a cognitive function model to illuminate areas of resistance as well as map out a plan through which such resistance may be overcome.

The focus of CPT Type Coaching is as much internal as it is external, and as such places an equal weight on both perspective and action. While this ratio will vary according to the needs of the individual, cognitive functions are presented as more than just perceptual aids, but as schemas upon which meaningful action can ensue.

Type coaching is offered in 2 and 3-hour packages; Tier I is divided into two weekly video calls, and Tier II into three weekly video calls. Individuals with a single area they wish to develop may be better suited to the first option, whereas those with either multiple such areas or an interest in holistic type development should consider Tier II.

Either package may also be used for consultation purposes and is not strictly limited to the CPT Type Development program. Recurring coaching may be found here.


Consultations are hour-long video calls in which we freely discuss personality typing and cognition – I will be free to answer any questions, and if preferred the conversation can be moved to an entirely auditory or text-based medium.

Consultations cannot give you your cognitive type, but can be used to discuss matters around the subject as well as the theory as a whole. As such, individuals who already know their type will benefit from consultations the most.